A Will is a legal document that sets out a testator’s wishes regarding the distribution of his/her assets, and specially bequeathing specific things to specific people, and the appointment of a capable and reputable executor, like Bespoke Executor Services (BEXs).

Dying without a will (Intestacy), deprives you and your family of the freedom to choose your:

  • heirs
  • execuors, and
  • minor children's guardian

Dying intestate brings with it anguish and uncertainty to your loved ones and it could complicate the administration process, wasting unnecessary money and prolonging the administration process. Drafting a carefully crafted and thought our Will, goes hand in hand with an estate plan which is where BEXs in collaboration with your financial planner can help ease the distress of losing a loved one.

Ill-conceived or thought-out wills can result in added delays in the administration process and bring with it, added administration expenses which will affect the amount your beneficiaries will inherit.

Will Storage

A free Will Storage service to Bespoke Executor Services (BEXs) clients, provided that BEXs is your nominated executor or co-executor. Should your original Will be misplaced or lost, the costs of having a certified copy of your Will accepted as the original is in the hands of the High Court and is costly.

Ensuring that your original Will is safely stored and readily available, is the sensible thing to do. A copy of your Will is easily accessible with no intervention needed from BEXs. All you need to do is register yourself under our online services portal, whereafter we will give you log on details. Once registered you will be able to get a copy of your latest Will and place a “Call to Action” 24/7.