What's our Why?

  • Our aim is to provide a viable alternative to the fiduciary offering’s provided by the traditional Trust company
  • We are looking to simplify and demystify fiduciary processes and offerings
  • We wish to support intermediaries in delivering effective estate planning advice
  • We are passionate about the industry and wish to disrupt the industry by providing customer service which is beyond all reproach
  • We want to provide a unique customised service and pricing for our offerings
  • To mutually agree our pricing;
  • To live our core values
    • B - Being present when you need us
    • E – Experience, upskilling ourselves to share our experience with you
    • S – Service excellence
    • P – Professionalism
    • O – Opportunity, giving our clients the opportunity to be part of the solution
    • K – Knowledge, freely sharing our knowledge with our clients
    • E – Education, upskilling our partners and clients of the evolving fiduciary business.
  • To provide our clients with peace of mind, we have Professional Indemnity Insurance;
  • We promise to respect your needs and views;
  • Because our Fiduciary solutions are centered on the client, we want our clients to be a part of the process. We will never dictate a fiduciary solution;
  • We will always act in a professional and ethical manner;
  • Integrity is what we build our business on;
  • We will ensure that communication between us is a core focus on providing a meaningful client experience;
  • Ensuring that our clients have an exceptional interaction with BEXs, is what drives our value proposition;
  • Should we be unable to provide our clients or partners with the required assistance, we have access to:
    • Expert legal,
    • Expert tax advice; and
    • Effective offshore structures advice.
  • To be renowned for a positive client experience, professional personalised service and viable cost-effective alternatives to the traditional fiduciary offerings

To build a niche Fiduciary offering that centres on an exceptional client experience, specially designed to meet the clients ever-changing Fiduciary needs. This is coupled with service not caught up in the traditional offerings and at a cost uniquely designed for each client.

  • We believe in partnering with financial planners and intermediaries looking to provide their clients with professional Fiduciary services assistance in a cost effective way.
  • We partner with and have access to experienced legal and tax practitioners to ensure access to expert advice
  • In specific niche technical areas, such as the New Firearms Act, we seek the benefit of expert advice and services to ensure that our clients do not fall foul of the ever changing legislative environment

Traditional Fiduciary offerings are inflexible, costly and adopt the “take it or leave it “ approach…. Our client centric vision will give our clients a more affordable, customised fiduciary offering that is fit for purpose and will meet their ever-changing requirements.

Customised Fiduciary Solutions

Why We Do It