Sean Beagley ~ Director


Sean completed his LLB in 1992 and after a sabbatical overseas joined Standard Trust in 1994. Having progressed through the ranks, Sean ended his 23 years of service with Standard Trust as the National Head Estates and a very valuable EXCO member, contributing to the strategic direction of the company. Sean's passions include anything Fiduciary with a penchant for, legal research, estate planning and exceptional client and intermediary relationships.

Sean has worked in the following disciplines within the company:

  • National Head of Estate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Estate Planning & Will drafting
  • Legal Research
BEXs Team Sean Beagley
BEXs Team Tony Rolo

Tony Rolo ~ Director

CAIB(SA), MDP (Unisa)

Tony started his career in the Fiduciary Industry at the Master of the High Court. Two years later he joined Standard Trust where he continued his career for 32 years, retiring as Deputy Managing Director in September 2017

He worked in all disciplines within the company including managing several branches of Standard Trust in different locations nationally.

He held the following positions with Standard Trust:

  • Head of Private Clients Fiduciary Hub
  • Head of Risk and Governance
  • Head Sales

Tony's passion is strategy, operational efficiency and exceptional client and intermediary relationships.

Elna van der Walt ~ Director


Elna joined Standard Trust Ltd as an Administrative clerk in January 1992 and was promoted to a Trust Officer in January 1993. Having worked her way up to the demanding and pivotal role of Estate Manager she held this position until she resigned from corporate life in August 2017.

She studied part time and obtained a CAIB (SA) (Associate Diploma) through the Institute of Bankers in 1997. She then completed her B(Com) Financial Management degree through Unisa in 2011. Elna is a member of FISA (Fiduciary Institue of Southern African) and SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Professionals).

Elna's passion is to provide her clients and intermediaries with an exceptional experience with a partiality towards orderly operating processes.

BEXs Team Elna van der Walt
BEXs Team Naomi Steyn

Naomi Steyn ~ Director BEXs KZN

Naomi joined Standard Trust in 2005 as an administration clerk in the Wills environment, while working closely with the Estate administration team, she realised that estate administration was where she wanted to further her career. She was appointed as administration clerk in the estates environment at the beginning of 2006. From there her passion for all facets of estate administration grew and she soon became one of the company’s top performers. Naomi’s work ethic soon saw her being promoted to Estates Officer.

She is self-driven, has deep and profound personal beliefs and her penchant for family life, drives her to achieve her personal goals, which sees family, client service and community involvement as her predominant purpose in life.

Naomi still finds time to upskill herself, and is currently also furthering her studies.

Nuraan Jonathan ~ Professional Fiduciary Practitioner

Nuraan joined Standard Trust in 1990 as an administration clerk in the Trustee environment. Her determination to succeed saw her being promoted to the position of Unit Trust Officer in 1992.

With one eye on becoming an allrounder in the Fiduciary environment, her work ethic and thirst for knowledge, saw her being promoted to a Trust officer, in the Unit Trust department in 1995. Ambitious as Nuraan is, she moved into deceased estate administration in 2000 and was promoted to managerial rank some three years thereafter.

Nuraan was recognised as the company's top revenue earner almost every year, and has built up rewarding relationships with all her clients, so much so that many of her clients still have contact with her.

BEXs Team Nuraan Jonathan
BEXs Team Rose Mary Kleinhans

Rose Mary Kleinhans ~ Professional Fiduciary Practitioner

Rose has some 36 years’ experience in the Fiduciary business, which has seen her operate in most areas of Fiduciary, all of which were at Standard Trust. Her career in at Standard Trust saw her being promoted through the ranks to supervising a relatively large team to eventually managing a department.

Her communication skills, and personable disposition, made Rose a perfect coach and trainer which enabled her team to flourish. This same disposition, took her overseas to engage with Bank of New York London and Belgium to learn new foreign trading systems before bringing this back to roll across the company. Over and above this, Rose was responsible for mentoring and bringing up tutoring of many staff to company standards.

Rose’s all round skills saw her eventually ending up in the estates department where she was able to put all her previous learning to exceptional use and add enormous value to the team and company at large.